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Welcome To Electric Media Research And Development, conducts all types of thermographic research and development under the Guideline of Founder Mr. Mihir Akolkar.

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  • Infrared Themography Research And Development Mumbai, Directory of services by Mr. Mihir Akolkar, Mumbai,
    Thermography services- Assistance for certification compliances,
    ISO 10878:2013- Non Destructive testing- Infrared Themography- Vocabulary,
    ISO/AWI 10880- Non Destructive testing- Infrared Themography Testing- General Principle,
    ISO/AWI 10881- Non Destructive testing- Infrared Themography- Guideline For Examination Of Electrical Installations,
    ISO/AWI 18251-1- Non Destructive testing- Infrared Themography- System and Equipment- Part1: Description Of Characteristic,
    1. ISO/TC135/SC8 Infrared Thermography For Non Destructive Testing,
    2. ISO18434-1: 2008- Condition Monitoring And Diagnostics Of Machines Thermography- Part1: General Procedures,
    3. ISO13372: 2004- – Condition Monitoring And Diagnostics Of Machines- Vocabulary,
    4. ISO13374-1: 2003- – Condition Monitoring And Diagnostics Of Machines- Data Processing- Communications and Presentation- Part1: General Guidelines,
    5. ISO 13374-2: 2007- – Condition Monitoring And Diagnostics Of Machines- Data Processing- Communication And Presentation- Part2: Data Processing,
    6. ISO13379: 2003- – Condition Monitoring And Diagnostics Of Machines- General Guideline On Data Interpretation And Diagnostics Techniques,
    7. ISO13380: 2002- – Condition Monitoring And Diagnostics Of Machines- General Guideline On Using Performance Parameters,
    8. ISO13381-1:2004- Condition Monitoring And Diagnostics Of Machines- Prognostics- Part1- General Guidelines,
    9. ISO17359:2003- Condition Monitoring And Diagnostics Of Machines- General Guidelines,
    10. ISO18434-1:2008- Condition Monitoring And Diagnostics Of Machines- Thermography- Part1- General Procedures,
    11. ISO18436-1:2004- Condition Monitoring And Diagnostics Of Machines- Requirement Of Training And Certification Of Personal- Part1- Requirement For Certifying Bodies And The Certification Process,
    12. ISO18436-3:2008- Condition Monitoring And Diagnostics Of Machines- Requirement For Qualification And Assessment OF Personal- Part3: Requirement For Training Bodies And The Training Process,
    13. ISO18436-7:2008- Condition Monitoring And Diagnostics Of Machines- Requirements For Qualification And Assessment Of Personal- Part7- Thermography,
    14. ISO18434-1:2008- Condition Monitoring And Diagnostics Of Machines- Thermography- Part1: General Procedures,
    15. ISO80601-2-56:2009- Medical Electrical Equipment- Part2-56: Particular Requirement For Basic Safety And Essential Performance Of Clinical Thermometers For Body Temperature Measurements,
    16. ASNT Recommended Practice No-SNT-TC-1A: Personal Qualification And Certification In Non Destructive Testing 2006,
    17. EN473- Qualification & Certification Of NDT Personnel- General Principle- January 1993,
    18. ISO IS9712- Personal Certification In NDT,
    19. International Standard 9712 2005- 1999- Specifies The Qualification And Certification Personnel Involved In NDT,
    20. ISO FDIS 18434 Thermography Part1- General Procedures,
    21. Final Draft International Standards 18434-1 2006 Provides And Introduction For The Application Of Infrared Thermography,
    22. ISO 6781: Thermal Insulation- Qualitative Detection Of Thermal Irregularities In building,
    23. ASTM C1060- 11A- Standard Practice For Thermographic Inspection Of Insulation Installation In The Building,
    24. ASTM E1934- 99a (2005) e1- Standard Guide For Examining Electrical And Mechanical Equipment With Infrared Thermography,
    25. ASTM E 2533- 09- Standard Guide For Non Destructive Testing OF polymer Matrix Composites Used In Aerospace Applications,
    26. ASTM E 2582-07- Standard Practice For Infrared Flash Thermography OF Composite Panels And Repair Patches Used IN Aerospace Applications,
    27. IEC/TC 62492-1:2008- Applies To Radiation Thermometry,
    28. IEC 80601-2-59- Particular Requirement For The Basic Safety And Essential Performance OF Screening Thermography For Human Febrile Temperature Screening,
    29. ISO/TR 13154- Medical Electrical Equipment,
    30. Indian Electricity rule 1956,
    31. Indian Electricity rule 2005,
    32. Indian Electricity rule 2011,
    33. Indian Electricity ACT 1910,
    34. Indian Electricity ACT 2003,
    35. IEEE specification,
    36. Factory act 1948,
    37. New industrial emission regulations,
    38. DC rules (Development & Control Rules, Mumbai),
    39. Fire and safety rules,
    40. Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE),
    41. Central Electricity Regulating Commissions (CERC),
    42. Maharashtra State Regulating Commissions (MERC),
    43. Electrical Inspector, Mumbai,
    44. ISI,
    45. ISO,
    46. ISI Certification,
    47. ISO Certification,
    48. National Building Code,
    49. Indian green building council (IGBC),
    50. BES&T undertaking,
    51. Brihan Mumbai Electric Supply and Transport Undertaking,
    52. Tata Power,
    53. Reliance Infra Structure,
    54. MSEDCL (Maharashtra State Electrical Distribution Company Limited),
    55. SSI (Small Scale Industries),
    56. USFD inspection,
    57. GHG (Green House Gas Emission),
    58. Non-destructive testing- Infrared Technology,
    59. NPFA-70E,
    60. NPFA- National Fire Protection Association,
    61. NETA- National Electrical Testing Association,
    62. NDT- Non-Destructive Testing,
    63. NDI- Non-Destructive Inspection,
    64. ASTM- American Society For Testing and Material,
    65. TA- Technical Assistant,
    66. International Electro Mechanical Commission (IEC),
    67. LG-QTM-Lighting Global Quantity Test Methodology,
    68. BIS- Bureau Of Indian Standards,
    69. ECBC- Energy Conservation Building Code 2007,
    70. ISO 50001 energy management standard,
    71. GRIHA- Green Rating For Integrated Habitat Assessment,
    72. National Rating System for green buildings in India,
    73. Energy Efficiency in micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs),
    74. GRIHA certification and green building advisory services,
    75. Root cause investigation of equipment failure,
    76. Root cause investigation of electrical tripping,
    77. Root cause investigation of electrical short circuits,
    78. Root cause investigation of electrical fire,
    79. Root cause investigation of electrical power shutdown,
    80. Root cause investigation of electrical accident,
    81. Root cause investigation of nonfatal accident,
    82. Root cause investigation of fatal accident,
    83. Root cause investigation of fire,
    84. Root cause investigation of all types,
    85. Root cause analysis of all purposes,
    86. Forensic audit,
    87. IEC- International Electro technical Commission,
    88. ITU- International Telecommunication Union,
    89. WSC- World Standards Cooperation,
    90. ASNT- American Society For Nondestructive Testing,
    91. ANSI- American National Standard Institute,
    92. ISO- International Organization For Standardization,
    93. ASTM- American Society For Testing And Materials,
    94. BINDT- British Institute Of Nondestructive Testing,
    95. ANSI- American National Standard Institute,
    96. IEEE- Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers,
    97. ISA- International Society For Automation,
    98. IEC- International Electromechanical Commision,
    99. LETA- Law Enforcement Thermographer’s Association,
    100. A2LA- American Association For Laboratory Accredition,
    101. NAPCC- National Action Plan On Climate Change,
    102. RPO- Renewable Purchase Obligations,
    103. Re- Renewable Energy,
    104. NMEEE- National Mission On Enhanced Energy Efficiancy,
    105. PAT- Perform- Achieve- Trade Compliances,
    106. ESCert- Energy Savings Certification,
    107. CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility,
    108. ESDD- Environmental & Social Due Diligence,
    109. ESG- Environmental Social Governance,
    110. HACCP- Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point,
    111. GMP- Good Manufacturing Practice,
    112. BSI- British Standard Institute,
    113. Wiremen- we provide handling of IR camera training “EM278”,
    114. Electricians- refer our thermal scanning report “EM270”,
    115. Electrical supervisors- refer our IR thermal images “EM262”,
    116. Electrical engineers- refer our onsite training of capturing thermal images as per “EM262”,
    117. Electrical consultant- refer our thermograph analysis reports “EM254”,
    118. Electrical energy managers- refer our infrared survey report “EM246”,
    119. Electrical energy auditors- refer our thermal inspection report of building “EM238”,
    120. Electrical service providers- refer our infrared thermography survey report “EM230”,
    121. Electrical contractors- hire our services to conduct thermal imaging inspection of electrical installation “EM222”,
    122. Government licenses electrical contractor- render our thermal imaging camera on rent services “EM214”,
    123. Licenses electrical contractors- refer our IR inspection report “EM206”,
    124. Electrical system integrators- refer our infrared thermal imaging survey report”EM198”,
    125. Electrical operation and maintenance contractors- refer our thermal image analysis reports “EM190”,
    126. Electrical AMC contractors- refer our infrared imaging report “EM182” to schedule their shutdowns,
    127. Electrical facility managers- refer our thermal scanning of entire electrical installation inclusive of electrical equipment “EM174”,
    128. Electrical site engineers- refer our thermography report “EM166”,
    129. Electrical site supervisors- refer our onsite survey report conducted for detection of hot spots by using infrared thermal imaging camera “EM158”,
    130. Electrical engineering company’s- refer our thermal analysis report” EM150”,
    131. Electrical energy saving company’s- refer our building diagnostic report by using infrared thermography technology “EM142”,
    132. Electrical testing company’s- refer our heat transfer mechanism report consisting of conductive, convictive, radioactive, report “EM134”,
    133. Electrical operation and maintenance company’s – refer our infrared imaging report “EM126”,
    134. Electrical contracting company’s – refer our thermography survey report “EM118”,
    135. Electrical AMC company’s- refer our IR inspection report “Em110”,
    136. Electrical troubleshooting company’s – refer our steady temperature pattern report “EM102”,
    137. Electrical turnkey contracting company’s – refer our infrared imaging services”Em94”,
    138. Electrical solution providing company’s- refer our thermographic capability report “EM86”,
    139. Electrical system integration company’s- refer our heat pattern generation report “EM78”,
    140. Electrical automation company’s- refer our thermal evaluation, acquiring a thermal snapshot of material report “EM70”,
    141. Electrical control & automation company’s- refer our thermal analysis “EM62”,
    142. Electrical project management company’s- refer our thermal hot spots reports “EM54”,
    143. Electrical control and automation company’s- refer our report consisting of thermal distribution and variation in real time “EM48”,
    144. Electrical risk management company’s- refer our electrical safety report submitted to the client by using infrared thermal audit “EM40”,
    145. Electrical advisor company’s- advice to their client on the basis of our report submitted to them by referring thermal imaging reports “EM32”,
    146. Electrical Preventive maintenance company’s- prepare their quotation to the client as per the report submitted by us based on infrared imaging analysis “EM24”,
    147. Electrical condition monitoring company’s- schedule their preventive maintenance as per our report submitted based on thermography scanning report “EM16”,
    148. Electrical power project company’s- take our advice on Infrared thermography services “EM8” during conducting of pre commissioning test before handing over the project to the client,
    149. ISO consultants,
    150. Insurance surveyors,
    151. Risk management consultant,
    152. General insurance company,
    153. All insurance companies,
    154. LIC of India,
    155. GIC of India,
    156. United India insurance company,
    157. Facility management companies,
    158. R&D Laboratories,
    159. Research centers,
    160. Architects,
    161. Structural design architects,
    162. Interior decorators,
    163. Waterproofing contractors,
    164. Civil contractors,
    165. Mechanical contractors,
    166. Plumbing contractors,
    167. Piping contractors,
    168. Boiler contractors,
    169. Building management system integrator,
    170. Building management contractor,
    171. Electrical inspectors,
    172. Fire officers,
    173. Risk management company,
    174. FMCG storage facility,
    175. Logistic parks,
    176. Hospitals,
    177. IT centers,
    178. BPO (business process outsourcing),
    179. KPO (knowledge process outsourcing),
    180. Consultancy For High Electricity Bill,
    181. Representation Of High Electricity Bill Cases To Consumer Court,
    182. Representation Of Electrical Dispute Cases To Electrical Inspector Mumbai,
    183. Representation Of Faulty Electric Meter Cases To Electrical Inspector Mumbai,
    184. Analysis Of Electricity Bill,
    185. Tampered meter cases,
    186. Direct supply cases,
    187. excessive billing,
    188. Defective meters,
    189. Illegal disconnection,
    190. Tariff related issues,
    191. Theft of electricity cases as per section 135/138 of Electricity Act 2003,
    192. Theft of electricity FIR lodged as per section 50 of Indian Electric Act 1910,
    193. Review of vigilance cases,
    194. Amendment of electricity bill,
    195. Electric bill discrepancies,
    196. Advice On Power Factor Penalty,
    197. Advice On Defective Meter Readings,
    198. Amendment Of High Billing Cases,
    199. Coordination With BES&T For High Billing Complaint,
    200. Electricity Tariff optimizations,
    201. Avoidance Of Power Factor Penalty,
    202. Energy Management,
    203. Analysis Of High Electricity Bill,
    204. Finding The Cause Of High Electricity Bill,
    205. Energy Survey For High Electricity Bill,
    206. Maximum Demand Management,
    207. Energy Conservation,
    208. Energy Optimization,
    209. Energy Savings Solutions,
    210. Energy Saving Company,
    211. Energy Survey For High Electricity Bill,
    212. Faulty Meter Investigation,
    213. Analysis of electricity bill,
    214. Identifying cause of High electricity bill,
    215. Finding The Cause Of High Electricity Bill,
    216. Identification of power factor penalty issues,
    217. Study of existing power factor system,
    218. Improvement power factors,
    219. Study of maximum demands,
    220. Maximum demand management,
    221. Analysis of tariff,
    222. Co-ordination with electric power supply companies,
    223. BES&T (Brihan Mumbai Electric Supply & Transport undertaking),
    224. TATA power,
    225. MSEDCL (Maharashtra State Electrical Distribution Company Limited),
    226. Reliance energy,
    227. Electrical Inspector Mumbai,
    228. MERC (Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission),
    229. CERC (Central Electricity Regulatory commission),
    230. Representation of high electricity bill cases to electrical inspector Mumbai,
    231. Representation of electric dispute cases to Electrical Inspector Mumbai,
    232. Representation of high electricity bill cases to consumer court,
    233. Representation of high electric bill cases/faulty electric meter/accuracy of meter to Electrical Inspector Mumbai
    234. ATE- Appellant Tribunal For Electricity,
    235. CDRF- Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum of BES&T undertaking,
    236. CGRF- Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum,
    237. ECAC- Electricity Consumers Advocacy Committee,
    238. Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum And Ombudsman,
    239. Internal Grievances Redressal Cell Of BES&T,
    240. Root Cause Investigation of electric fatal accident,
    241. Root Cause Investigation of non fatal accident,
    242. Root Cause analysis of electrical fire/short circuit etc,
    243. Compliances Assistant for following,
    244. Indian Electricity Act 1910,
    245. Indian Electricity Rule 1956,
    246. Bombay electricity (Special power) Act 1946,
    247. Factory Act 1948,
    248. Bombay factory rules 1950,
    249. Bombay industrial Act 1946,
    250. Industrial dispute Act,
    251. Electricity safety rules & codes,
    252. BEE- Bureau of energy efficiency,
    253. Green Building,
    254. Coordination With BES&T For High Billing Complaint,
    255. Electricity Tariff optimizations,
    256. Avoidance Of Power Factor Penalty,
    257. Power Factor Consultancy, Power Factor Management, Power Factor Improvement, Power Factor Compensation, Power Factor Correction, Power Factor Penalty, Power Factor Calculations, Power Factor Capacitors,
    258. Design Of Power Factor Capacitors,
    259. Supply Of Power Factor Capacitors,
    260. Installation Of Power Factor Capacitors,
    261. Testing Of Power Factor Capacitors,
    262. Commissioning Of Power Factor Capacitors,
    263. Repairing Of Power Factor Capacitors,
    264. AMC Of Power Factor Capacitors,
    265. Design Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels,
    266. Supply Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels,
    267. Installation Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels,
    268. Testing Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels,
    269. Commissioning Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels,
    270. Repairing Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels,
    271. AMC Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels,
    272. Design Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels With Thirstier Switching,
    273. Supply Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels With Thirstier Switching,
    274. Installation Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels With Thirstier Switching,
    275. Testing Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels With Thirstier Switching,
    276. Commissioning Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels With Thirstier Switching,
    277. Repairing Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels With Thirstier Switching,
    278. AMC Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels With Thirstier Switching,
    279. Design Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels With Harmonic Filters,
    280. Supply Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels With Harmonic Filters,
    281. Installation Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels With Harmonic Filters,
    282. Testing Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels With Harmonic Filters,
    283. Commissioning Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels With Harmonic Filters,
    284. Repairing Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels With Harmonic Filters,
    285. AMC Of Automatic Power Factor Control Panels With Harmonic Filters,
    286. Handling of all types thermal imagers,
    287. Capturing of infrared thermal images,
    288. Analysis of thermal images,
    289. Interpretation of thermal images,
    290. Thermal data collection,
    291. Thermal patterns of heat loss,
    292. Thermal distribution and variation in real time,
    293. Thermal measurement of heat patterns,,
    294. Thermal analysis,
    295. Thermal snapshots,
    296. Thermo mechanical property,
    297. Thermo capabilities,
    298. Thermographic inspection,
    299. IR inspection,
    300. Thermal imaging inspection,
    301. Thermography survey,
    302. Thermal surveying,
    303. Thermal energy waste survey,
    304. Infrared thermography for failure analysis,
    305. Infrared thermography for functional testing,
    306. Infrared for reliability and failure analysis,
    307. IR thermography for capturing failure,
    308. IR thermography for defect detection technology,
    309. IR thermography for forensic engineering services,
    310. IR thermography for NDT (Not Destructive Testing),
    311. IR thermography for energy insurance,
    312. IR thermography for thermal failure analysis,
    313. IR thermography for ISO certification,
    314. IR thermography for energy and electrical safety,
    315. IR thermography for investigative engineering services,
    316. Study on energy efficiency and conversation (EEC),
    317. Clean Energy Solutions,
    318. Transfer of energy efficient industrial technology,
    319. Reduction of (GHG) Green House Gas Emission,
    320. Identify satiable low carbon energy efficient technology by using thermography technique,
    321. Undertake technology assignment with regarding energy performance,
    322. By using thermal analysis input, Developing energy efficiency monitoring software,
    323. GHG emissions calculations,
    324. Processing Technique and Thermographic Images,
    325. Measurement Science & Technology,
    326. Condition Monitoring and Energy Conversation,
    327. The Thermography Instrument- Thermal Scanner,
    328. Quantitative Infrared Thermography,
    329. Thermal Data Acquisition and Storing System,
    330. Characterization Of Infrared Camera,
    331. Application of infrared thermography to radiometry, thermometry and the thermal parameters identification,
    332. Heat Transfer measurement by IR Thermography,
    333. Quantitative Diagnostics of building by using infrared technology,
    334. IR Thermography for functional testing of solar cells,
    335. Thermal Experts,
    336. Thermal Snapshots- Steady state thermal analysis of device,
    337. Transient Thermal Analysis,
    338. Temperature Enabling Simulation,
    339. Temperature Data,
    340. Heat Wave,
    341. Gradient Heat Wave,
    342. Power Map,
    343. Thermal Map,
    344. Virtual Thermography Services,
    345. Baseline Thermography- Reference point of equipment temperature under normal operating condition,
    346. Thermal Trending- Compared temperature differential over time,
    347. IR Thermography & reliability and failure analysis,
    348. Thermography Testing Laboratory,
    349. Thermography For Building Science And Energy Applications,
    350. Infrared Thermography For Remote Temperature Measurement,
    351. QURT- Quantitative Infrared Thermography,
    352. Thermal NDT,
    353. Thermal Infrared Security Solutions,
    354. Mr. Girish Akolkar’s Thermography Services directory, in Mumbai, India,
    355. Thermography measurement,
    356. Photovoltaic Thermography,
    357. View Thermography csrimpex’s (INDIA),
    358. Thermographic NDT,
    359. Infrared Thermography (IRT),
    360. Thermal Imagine,
    361. Infrared Imagine science,
    362. Thermal Video,
    363. Efficient data evaluation of thermography detections,
    364. Radiology and Imaging,
    365. Functional Infrared Imagine,
    366. Infratech,
    367. Application of thermography for energy conservation,
    368. Liquid Crystal thermography,
    369. Thermal Management Problems,
    370. Measurement Of Convictive Heat Transfer Using Infrared Thermography,
    371. Characterization of defects in metal sheets via IR Thermography,
    372. IR is a NDT Method use to measure thermal gradients in energy emitted by electrical and mechanical system,
    373. Pulse thermography is used for inspecting automotive components,
    374. Advice on energy efficiency by analyzing infrared report,
    375. Capacity Building on energy efficiency by doing thermography survey,
    376. a. Study of current situation and information,
    377. b. Preparation of baseline energy consumption,
    378. c. Energy Planning,
    379. To Conduct Geothermal feasibility study,
    380. To conduct environmental monitoring and evaluating by doing infrared scanning,
    381. Performance monitoring of ECBC compliant buildings by using thermography services,
    382. To evaluate the impact of energy conservation building code compliances by referring thermal patterns,
    383. Implementation of energy management system and system optimization project by analyzing thermal imaging report,
    384. By conducting thermography inspection regularly, assessment of current resources consumption and use pattern by conducting energy audit, the base line will be establish,
    385. Energy situation analysis can be done by infrared scanning,
    386. Thermography reports help to Understand energy risk,
    387. Infrared thermography reports helps to develop a viable energy plan for the industries,
    388. IR inspection report helps to understand evaluating how the risk can be mitigated,
    389. GRIHA- Green Rating For Integrated Habitat Assessment,
    390. Thermography inspection report assist to obtained GRIHA five star rating, GRIHA is a National Rating System for green buildings in India,
    391. Integration Of Control Strategies as per the requirement of energy conservation building code of India by providing thermal sensors,
    392. To conduct infrared Arial survey for development of Eco-city, based on its carbon inventory,
    393. Identified present opportunities required to increase energy efficiency in MSME’s (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) sector by using infrared technology,
    394. Fire & safety inspection by using Thermocam,
    395. Electrical safety inspection by using thermal imaging technology,
    397. Infrared technology use for energy saving,
    398. Analysis of electricity bill,
    399. Thermal scanning of entire electrical installation,
    400. Detection of hot spots,
    401. Detection of cold spots,
    402. Thermography services, conducted at Mumbai,
    403. Infrared thermography services, conducted at Pune, Maharashtra,
    404. Thermal imaging, assignment carried out at Bangalore,
    405. Thermal analysis, done at Delhi,
    406. Thermal scanning, conducted at Mumbai,
    407. Thermograph analysis, job completed at Mumbai,
    408. IR thermography report, submitted at, Mumbai,
    409. Infrared image services, completed at, Mumbai,
    410. Thermography report, analyze for Mumbai, vendor at Mumbai,
    411. IR thermography services, provided to various companies, at Mumbai,
    412. IR thermography inspection, carried out for research and development lab at Mumbai,
    413. Thermal inspection diagnostics, done for IT company, Mumbai,
    414. Building diagnostics report, submitted to facility management company, at Mumbai,
    415. Electrical installation scanning & analyzing of thermal image,
    416. Mechanical equipment’s inspection by interpreting infrared image,
    417. Civil thermographic inspection of infrastructures,
    418. Industrial thermography science,
    419. Firefighting thermography services,
    420. Research and development thermographic application,
    421. Automation infrared image analyzing services,
    422. Process control thermographic scanning services,
    423. Electrical safety audit by using thermal imaging camera,
    424. Detection of all types of leakages by Thermocam,
    425. Detection of gas leakage by Thermography camera,
    426. Detection of liquid leakage by IR camera,
    427. Detection of water leakage by Infrared camera,
    428. Detection of chemical leakage by IR Thermography camera,
    429. Detection of fire/smoke by infrared imaging camera,
    430. Detection of thermal patterns by thermal imaging software,
    431. Detection of heat signature by thermal imaging technology,
    432. Detection of ice berg by thermal scanning,
    434. Detection oil spill by infrared snapshot,
    435. Detection of moisture by thermal analysis,
    436. Detection of (SF6) gas by thermography technique,
    437. Detection of cold spot by thermal image analysis,
    438. Detection of hot spot by thermograph,
    439. Detection of V.O.C. (Volatile organic Compound) by FLIR make Camera,
    440. Design defects,
    441. Mitigation measure,
    442. Detection of water seepage,
    443. Investigation of water extrusion,
    444. Prevention of water extrusion,
    445. Resolution of water extrusion,
    446. Forensic water extrusion testing,
    447. Structural Diagnostics,
    448. Building survey for evaluation of existing conditions,
    449. Building survey to determine their seriousness and probable cause,
    450. Building science and energy efficiency,
    451. Energy assessment of building,
    452. Thermal scanning of building,
    453. Energy efficiency and conservation of building,
    454. Energy auditing of building,
    455. Strength and weaknesses assessment of building,
    456. Infrared survey to detect moisture and energy loss of building,
    457. Energy saving of building,
    458. Electrical safety audit of building by detecting host spots,
    459. Energy analysis of building,
    460. Electrical Energy Audit,
    461. Electrical Thermal Audit,
    462. Electrical Power Quality Audit,
    463. Electrical Safety Audit,
    464. Electrical Design Audit,
    465. Electrical Earthing Audit,
    466. Electrical Power Factor Audit,
    467. Electrical Fire and Safety Audit,
    468. Electrical Industrial Safety Audit,
    469. Electrical Third Party Audit,
    470. Electrical EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Audit,
    471. Electrical Energy Saving Audit,
    472. Electrical Energy Conservation Audit,
    473. Electrical Grounding Audit,
    474. Electrical Lightning Arrester Audit,
    475. Electrical Emergency Supply Audit,
    476. Electrical Forensic Audit,
    477. Root Cause Analysis of Electrical Equipment Failure,
    478. Root Cause Analysis of Electrical Fire,
    479. Root Cause Analysis of Electrical Short Circuits,
    480. Root Cause Analysis for Shut down of Electrical Power,
    481. Root Cause Analysis of Tripping of Electrical Power,
    482. Energy Management,
    483. Critical Load Management,
    484. Non-Critical Load Management,
    485. Emergency Supply Management,
    486. Power Factor Management,
    487. Power Quality Management,
    488. Standby Supply Management,
    489. Risk Management,
    490. Earthing Management,
    491. Data Centre Management,
    492. AMC for Power Transformer,
    493. AMC for Distribution Transformer,
    494. AMC for all types of Air Circuit Breakers,
    495. AMC for all types of Oil Circuit Breakers,
    496. AMC for all types of SF6 Breakers,
    497. AMC for all types of Reactors,
    498. AMC for Indoor Substations,
    499. AMC for Outdoor Substations,
    500. AMC for all types of Switch Yards,
    501. AMC for HT (High Substations) and HT Breakers,
    502. AMC for LT Breakers,
    503. AMC for Generators,
    504. AMC for UPS (uninterrupted power supply),
    505. AMC for Invertors,
    506. AMC for UPS (uninterrupted power supply),
    507. AMC for HT Installation,
    508. AMC for LT Installation,
    509. AMC for APFC Panels (Automatic Power Factor Corrector),
    510. AMC for Control panels,
    511. AMC for ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch),
    512. AMC for all types of Electrical Panels,
    513. AMC for PCC (Power Control Centers),
    514. Electrical Inspection as per IE Rule, 1956,
    515. Electrical Inspection as per IE Act, 1910,
    516. Electrical Inspection as per National building Code,
    517. Electrical Inspection as per IEEE Specifications,
    518. Fire and Safety of Electrical Installation,
    519. Electricity tariff verification of electric supply distribution companies,
    520. Representation of electrical dispute cases,
    521. Representation of electrical dispute cases to the consumer court,
    522. Representation of electrical dispute cases to electrical inspector Mumbai,
    523. Representation of electrical dispute cases to MERC (Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission),
    524. Industrial Automation Services,
    525. Research and Development Application,
    526. Thermal Imaging for Fire and Safety,
    527. Thermal Imaging for Forensic Investigation and analysis,
  • Assistance for Certification compliances-
    1. The Standard And Practice IEEE 1100, Standard 142/ Standard 399/ Standard 1159,
    2. IEC 61558/ IECS1643,
    3. EN61000,
    4. EN60730,
    5. EN61008,
    6. IEEE Standard 446 For Grounding,
    7. IEEE Standard 141 For Grounding,
    8. IEEE Standard 142 For Grounding,
    9. IEEE Standard 1100 For Grounding,
    10. ANSI/NFPA-70 For Grounding,
    11. IEEE Standard 141 For Powering,
    12. IEEE Standard 446 For Powering,
    13. IEEE Standard 1100 For Powering,
    14. IEEE Standard 1250 For Powering,
    15. ANSI C84.1 For Powering,
    16. IEEE Standard 141 For Surge Protection,
    17. IEEE Standard 142 For Surge Protection,
    18. IEEE Standard C62 Series For Surge Protection,
    19. NFPA-78 L449 For Surge Protection,
    20. IEEE Standard 519 For Harmonics,
    21. IEEE Standard P519a For Harmonics,
    22. IEEE Standard 929 For Harmonics,
    23. IEEE Standard 1001 For Harmonics,
    24. IEEE Standard C57.110 For Harmonics,
    25. IEEE Standard 1100 For Disturbances,
    26. IEEE Standard 1159 For Disturbances,
    27. IEEE Standard 1250 For Disturbances,
    28. ANSI C62.41 For Disturbances,
    29. FIPS PUB94 For Life & Fire Safety,
    30. ANSI/NFPA70 For Life & Fire Safety,
    31. NFPA 75 For Life & Fire Safety,
    32. UL1478 For Life & Safety,
    33. UL1950 For Life & Safety,
    34. IEEE Standard 446 For Mitigation Equipment,
    35. IEEE Standard 1035 For Mitigation Equipment,
    36. IEEE Standard 1250 For Mitigation Equipment,
    37. NEMA-UPS,
    38. IEEE Standard 487 For Telecom Equipment,
    39. IEEE Standard 1100 For Telecom Equipment,
    40. FIPS PUB94 For Telecom Equipment,
    41. IEEE Standard 518 For Noise Control,
    42. IEEE Standard 1050 For Noise Control,
    43. FIPS  PUB94,
    44. IEEE Standard 446 For Utility Interface,
    45. IEEE Standard 929 For Utility Interface,
    46. IEEE Standard 101 For Utility Interface,
    47. IEEE Standard 1035 For Utility Interface,
    48. IEEE Standard 100 For Monitoring,
    49. IEEE Standard 1159 For Monitoring,
    50. IEEE Standard 141 For Load Immunity,
    51. IEEE Standard 446 For Load Immunity,
    52. IEEE Standard 1100 For Load Immunity,
    53. IEEE Standard 1159 For Load Immunity,
    54. P1346 For Load Immunity,
    55. IEEE Standard 493 For System Reliability.


  • Non Destructive Water Leakage Solution By EMWLSDP8 With The Help Of Infrared Thermography.


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