To ensure safety personnel & property arising due to unforeseen circumstances viz. – fire due to electrical short circuit.

To review electrical system to identify single point of failure that would lead to disruption of process.


Scope of work


Ø       To carry out ‘hot spot analysis’ of electrical system.

Ø       To furnish detailed report on findings of these reviews with recommendations.



Ø       The entire activity can be carried out without Shut-Down (No downtime required).

Ø       Individual Visuals of effected areas along with temperature indicators.

Ø       Real time capability to capture moving targets.

Ø       Ability to indicate deteriorating components prior to their failure.

Ø       Measurement possible from areas inaccessible or hazardous for other methods.




Ø       Reduced production losses due to unplanned downtime.

Ø       Reduced maintenance & repair cost arising due to failures caused by voltage surge.

Ø       Increased equipment life.

Ø       Increased Mean-Time –Between – Failures (MTBF).

Ø       Increased productivity & Profitability.

Ø       Reduced insurance premiums.

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